Custom Airsac Design

Custom Airsac Alongside our extensive range of standard Airsac inflatable packaging, we also offer custom Airsac design

If you don't think there's an Airsac product for you in our stock range, talk to us about a bespoke Airsac design that's just for you! Our team are experts in designing packaging solutions, so if you need something tailored to your company, you're in safe hands.

We've designed custom Airsacs for:

  • Auto parts and industrial components 
  • Bathroom ceramics 
  • Paint tins and chemical containers
  • Shower screens 
  • Sculptures and artwork 
  • High value speakers 
  • Train signals 
  • Plus lots more!
Airsac Bespoke Examples

To enquire about your own custom Airsac inflatable packaging design, contact us today on 01902 496666 or email us at

What to expect when designing a custom Airsac solution with Network Packaging

1. Call or email us about your bespoke Airsac enquiry. One of our Airsac experts will come and visit you or arrange to collect the goods you want to pack in an Airsac. It's essential we have a sample of your product at this stage - it ensures we can develop accurate solutions

2. We'll draft a design with our manufacturer - this enables us to provide you with a cost estimate and a minimum order quantity. This usually takes around 2 weeks. Once you've approved the estimate, samples will be made so you can test out your personal Airsac design

3. When samples arrive, we'll quality check them to ensure they're fit for purpose, design a matching box if required and arrange to demonstrate them for you

4. At the testing stage, you can choose to approve or amend your Airsac inflatable packaging design

5. Once your design is approved and you place an order, your bespoke Airsacs will be delivered to you within a time frame we agree with you (this will depend on the shippping methods you choose)