About Airsac

Airsac is an inflatable packaging system that’s been developed to protect fragile and breakable goods in transit.

Composed of high quality film, Airsac is inflated at point of use, and is reusable and recyclable (depending on your local authority).

Using Airsac is quick and easy - simply inflate an Airsac, pack your goods and ship to the end customer.

Airsac inflatable packaging is readily available in a number of designs for wine and beer, electronics, bottles and jars,

and picture frames.

By using Airsac, you’ll be able to save money, save time and save the environment…


Save Money Airsac

  • Virtually eliminate damages & returns – Airsac protects your goods so you can minimise the expense of replacements and returns
  • Reduce packaging costs – reduce your pack size by up to 30% with Airsac to save money spent on packaging
  • Lessen storage & transport costs – Airsac is supplied flat, so it’s space efficient and will reduce your storage costs. 
  • Cost effective set up – all you need to get started is a small air compressor or inexpensive hand pump


Airsac Save Time

  • Consistent pack size – Airsac offers a consistent pack size every time and can conveniently be stored on pack benches 
  • Quick packing – you can inflate Airsac in seconds, saving valuable time and increasing your throughput
  • Plan effectively – the consistent pack size that Airsac offers means you can effectively plan pallets and deliveries


Save Environment Airsac

  • Reusable and recylable – made of low density polythene and nylon, Airsac inflatable packaging can be reused and recycled (depending on your local authoirty) 
  • Less packaging waste – as Airsac can reduce your pack size, you’ll be producing significantly less waste 
  • Minimise transport impact – Airsac is compact and light, so less vehicles are needed to transport it